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Summer Fun – Summer Hazards

Hoorah! Summer is finally here. After a spring that felt several decades-long, the weather is finally warm, the lockdowns are being lifted, and people are desperate to get out and about and be active again.

But over-enthusiasm is a sure way to get hurt. Be careful as you start an activity after months of being fairly sedentary, especially compared to previous years.

Beware of heatstroke. It seems that the high heats of summer spring up all at once, instead of temperatures rising slowly and steadily. If you haven’t been active outside, you may underestimate how much water you need to stay hydrated as you sweat.

This year many public swimming pools are staying closed, but people have eagerly opened their home pools, and dived in, literally. It’s very easy for a child to drown in a pool, even at the shallow end. Always keep children supervised, and never swim alone yourself.

Beware of bugs. While a simple mosquito bite may not seem that important, remember that mosquitos can carry diseases from one person to another, including the deadly West Nile Virus and Equine Encephalitis. Ticks can carry Lyme diseases to humans and pets.

Mary Newman

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