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What’s for Dinner? This Quiz Will Help You Decide!

There are few things as daunting as choosing what to eat for dinner!

These days, we have literally everything at our fingertips. We don’t even have to leave our homes to enjoy any number of cuisines, thanks to any number of online ordering options. From burgers to sushi, there are no limits to satisfying your cravings.

Of course, having all those options available can sometimes make it even more difficult to make up your mind. How do you even begin to decide?!

Don’t get me wrong — I love having the ability to order anything my heart desires. But sometimes I need a little help making up my mind.

If you also need a little help deciding what to order tonight, you’re in luck. Answer these random questions about yourself to see what you should order for dinner tonight!

  • Choose a flavor you can’t live without:

    • bulbs of garlic
      Adobe Stock
    • different kinds of onions
      Adobe Stock
    • chopped chives on a cutting board
      Adobe Stock
    • chili powder next to dried chilis
      Chili Powder
      Adobe Stock
    • close up of cilantro leaves
      Adobe Stock
    • sesame seeds next to sesame oil
      Adobe Stock
  • Pick a protein:

    • salmon
      Adobe Stock
    • mushrooms
      Adobe Stock
    • black beans
      Adobe Stock
    • grilled chicken
      Adobe Stock
    • ground beef
      Adobe Stock
    • sliced pork
      Adobe Stock
  • Choose a cheese:

    • no cheese
      None, thanks!
      Adobe Stock
    • balls of fresh mozzarella cheese
      Adobe Stock
    • slicing monterey jack cheese block
      Monterey Jack
      Adobe Stock
    • fried paneer cheese cubes
      Adobe Stock
    • blocks of cheddar cheese
      Adobe Stock
    • fresh sliced brie cheese
      Adobe Stock
  • Pick a condiment:

    • mustard in a bowl
      Adobe Stock
    • pesto on wood board surrounded by ingredients
      Adobe Stock
    • hot sauce with peppers on black background
      Hot Sauce
      Adobe Stock
    • hummus with pita
      Adobe Stock
    • ketchup pouring out of bottle
      Adobe Stock
    • pouring soy sauce into white bowl
      Soy Sauce
      Adobe Stock
  • Which color do you like the best?

    • Green
    • orange
    • burgundy red
    • white
    • yellow
    • Red
    • purple
    • Gold
    • blue
    • dark green
    • black
    • Pink
  • When you order takeout, do you…

    • Eat straight out of the takeout container
    • Arrange everything just right for an Insta-worthy pic before digging in
    • Eat with your hands
    • Take everything out and put it on paper plates — no dirty dishes!
    • Break out the special dinnerware!
    • Take everything out and put it on a plate or in a bowl to make it easier to eat
  • If you could only have one, which beverage would you pick?

    • pouring a glass of red wine
      A glass of wine
      Adobe Stock
    • pouring cola into a glass
      Adobe Stock
    • green tea
      Green tea
      Adobe Stock
    • fruit smoothies
      Fruit smoothie
      Adobe Stock
    • sparkling water
      Sparkling water
      Adobe Stock
    • beer taps
      Adobe Stock
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love going to the gym? (1 being the least, 10 means you love it!)

    • -10
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • Turned up to 11
  • Pick a Saturday evening activity:

    • Creating a makeup tutorial video for your followers
    • Hosting a dinner party
    • Attending a painting and wine party with your friends
    • Working on arts & crafts projects
    • Checking out a local band’s show
    • Binge-watching your favorite show
    • Staying out late partying
    • A quick overnight stay in a hotel
    • Overnight camping trip
    • A get-together with close friends
    • Learning how to cook a new dish
    • A big family dinner
  • If you could only pick one word to describe yourself, it would be…

    • Unique
    • Artistic
    • Easy-going
    • Affectionate
    • Empathetic
    • Honest
    • Passionate
    • Independent
    • Trendy
    • Adventurous
    • Loyal
    • Supportive

Kate Singer

Kate Singer is a regular contributor to Polling Pig and enjoys making trivia, polls and personality quizzes.

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