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Only True Fans of ‘The Office’ Can Get All These Trivia Questions Right

  • What is Phyllis’ maiden name, from before she married Bob Vance?

    Phyllis on The Office
    • Lapin
    • Leslie
    • Larson
    • Lewis
  • During the pilot episode, how many years did Michael say he worked at Dunder Mifflin?

    Michael Scott on The Office
    • 12
    • 15
    • 10
    • 18
  • At Phyllis’ wedding, Michael revealed that her high school nickname was what?

    Phyllis and Bob Vance, Michael giving a speech at their wedding
    • Easy Rider
    • Four Eyes
    • Phyll
    • Fancy Phyll
  • What was the name of Andy’s a cappella group at Cornell?

    Andy on The Office
    • Here Comes Treble
    • Pitch Slapped
    • Noteworthy
    • Unaccompanied Minors
  • What is Pam’s favorite yogurt flavor?

    Pam on The Office
    • Mixed berry
    • Strawberry
    • Vanilla
    • Strawberry banana
  • In which season did Michael leave The Office?

    Michael Scott on The Office
    • Season 7
    • Season 6
    • Season 8
    • Season 5
  • How long after they started dating did Jim buy Pam’s engagement ring?

    Jim proposing to Pam on The Office
    • One week
    • One month
    • One year
    • One day
  • When John Krasinski auditioned for the office, which role did the casting team originally want him for?

    Jim on The Office
    • Dwight Schrute
    • Michael Scott
    • Kevin Malone
    • Ryan Howard
  • True or false: Steve Carell never watched the British version of ‘The Office.’

    Michael Scott on The Office
    • True
    • False
  • True or false: John Krasinski wore a wig for several episodes of season 3, after cutting his hair for another project.

    Jim on The Office
    • True
    • False
  • Although we know it as ‘The Office,’ what was the show almost called instead?

    conference room on The Office
    • The American Workplace
    • Dunder Mifflin
    • The Dundies
    • Scrantonicity
  • What is the worst thing about prison, according to Prison Mike?

    Michael Scott as Prison Mike on The Office
    • The Dementors
    • Prison food is nothing but gruel
    • Art classes
    • No office supplies
  • Where did Jim and Pam share their first kiss?

    Jim and Pam on The Office
    • Chili’s
    • The warehouse
    • Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe
    • Schrute Farms
  • True or false: The cast decorated and personalized their own desks.

    Angela and Andy at Angela's desk on The Office
    • True
    • False
  • True or false: After the show ended, Jenna Fischer sold Pam’s engagement ring from Jim for $5,000.

    Jim and Pam on The Office
    • False
    • True
  • What is the name of Pam, Oscar, and Toby’s exclusive club that they establish in the “Branch Wars” episode?

    Pam, Oscar, and Toby on The Office
    • Finer Things Club
    • Breakfast Club
    • The Bookaholics
    • First Class Club
  • One cast member almost didn’t join ‘The Office’ because of a previous commitment to another NBC show, called ‘Come to Papa.’ Who was it?

    the conference room on The Office
    • Steve Carell
    • John Krasinski
    • Jenna Fischer
    • Mindy Kaling
  • Dwight owns a farm that he runs in his spare time. What does his farm primarily produce?

    Dwight on The Office
    • Beets
    • Broccoli
    • Turnips
    • Tomatoes
  • One Dunder Mifflin employee plays drums and is the lead singer in a Police tribute band. Who is it?

    the conference room on The Office
    • Kevin Malone
    • Andy Bernard
    • Toby Flenderson
    • Oscar Martinez
  • What does Stanley normally do during staff meetings?

    Stanley on The Office
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Takes notes
    • Naps
    • Takes attendance

Kate Singer

Kate Singer is a regular contributor to Polling Pig and enjoys making trivia, polls and personality quizzes.

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