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Answer These Questions to Find Your Perfect Bucket List Vacation Destination

No one vacation destination is one-size-fits-all. But with so many places that are too amazing to ignore, how do you choose where to travel next?

It can really get overwhelming to pick where to travel. You could scour the web for suggestions, hound friends and family for their top recommendations or even throw a dart at a map.

But what’s easier than all that? Answer some easy questions, and I’ll give you your best bucket list vacation destination.

So go ahead and answer these questions below to find out where you should be traveling this year!

  • How do you like to spend your free time?

    • Going to the movie theater
    • Relaxing at the spa
    • Wandering museums
    • Hiking
    • Testing out new recipes
    • Having a glass of wine and dinner at a new restaurant
    • Skiing
    • Reading historical books
    • Sitting on the beach
    • Heading to a theme park
  • Which would provide the biggest thrill?

    • Having an incredible meal from a Michelin-starred restaurant
    • Skydiving
    • Visiting an ancient archeological site
    • Watching the sunset at the beach
    • Seeing world-class entertainment
  • Choose your perfect meal:

    • Fresh tagliatelle pasta with prosciutto
    • Creamy sea urchin pasta
    • Rotisserie chicken with corn, potatoes, and red onion relish
    • Sous Vide Duck Breast with smoked leeks and potato puree
    • Barbecue pork waffle fries
  • What is the biggest reason you like to travel?

    • To experience the beauty of the world
    • To get your adrenaline pumping
    • To learn as much as you can about the world and other cultures
    • To relax and escape for a while
    • To create memories with family or friends
  • Choose your ideal lodging:

    • A picturesque and quaint bed and breakfast
    • Camping under the stars
    • A small, local hotel
    • An all-inclusive resort and spa
    • A fun themed hotel with a pool
  • Who will you be traveling with?

    • Your best friend
    • Anyone you meet along the way
    • By yourself
    • Your significant other
    • Your whole family
  • What’s your ideal weather for vacation?

    • Comfortable, mildly warm temperatures around 68-78 degrees F
    • I like all kinds of climates, depending on which adventure I am embarking upon
    • Subtropical climates
    • Warm and breezy all year round
    • Warm enough to wear short sleeves in the winter
    • I’m hoping for snow
    • Lots of sun
  • Which drink are you most likely to order?

    • Red wine
    • Craft beer
    • A pale lager beer
    • Mai Tai
    • Ice Cream Martini
  • How do you decide where to travel?

    • I’m in it for the food! I go where my stomach takes me
    • I go where I can pack in as much adventure as possible
    • I research cultural landmarks and institutions I want to visit
    • I’m going where I can get away and no one will bother me
    • I rely on recommendations from friends and family
  • How are you going to prepare for your trip?

    • I’ll book a few restaurant reservations, but I’m going to take it easy
    • I’m going to go with the flow and see where my trip takes me
    • I’ve planned exactly what I’ll be doing ahead of time so I can make sure I get to do exactly what I wat
    • I might book a dinner reservation or a spa appointment, but I’m hoping to not do much else
    • I’ve planned my entire trip to a T, including attractions, tours, food, and transportation
  • How do you feel about visiting really touristy attractions?

    • I might visit one or two during my vacation, but it’s not the focus
    • I’m hoping to get off the beaten path and do my own thing
    • I might visit touristy attractions, but only because they’re culturally significant
    • I’m going to avoid anything touristy at all costs
    • Touristy sounds exciting and fun!

Kate Singer

Kate Singer is a regular contributor to Polling Pig and enjoys making trivia, polls and personality quizzes.

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