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Which Traditional Thanksgiving Favorites Are You Dreaming of?

Now that Halloween is over, we can all start dreaming about the Thanksgiving table.

Let me tell you, Thanksgiving was probably my least favorite holiday when I was a kid. I mean, how can it compete when it’s wedged between Halloween and Christmas? Halloween has all the fun costumes and overflowing buckets of candy, and Christmas is the ultimate holiday for kids, with presents galore.

However, as an adult, I love Thanksgiving. And yeah, getting together with family is cool and all, but the food.

Dreaming of All the Delicious Thanksgiving Foods

I am very serious when I say that I dream about Thanksgiving dinner all year round, and sometimes we will even randomly have a big Thanksgiving-style spread on a day in the middle of the year.

What about you? Have you started planning your Thanksgiving Day menu yet? Which traditional dish are you looking forward to the most?

  • Which Traditional Thanksgiving Food Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

    • roast turkey thanksgiving
      Roast Turkey
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    • stuffing thanksgiving
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    • mashed potatoes thanksgiving
      Mashed Potatoes
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    • gravy thanksgiving
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    • green beans thanksgiving
      Green Beans
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    • corn thanksgiving dinner
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    • cranberry sauce thanksgiving dinner
      Cranberry Sauce
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    • pumpkin pie thanksgiving dinner
      Pumpkin Pie
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