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Is Kale a Super Tasty One-Way Ticket to Flavortown?

Just this week, my 3-year-old discovered a new favorite food: kale.

I guess I’ve just never tried giving her kale before. Whether that’s because her older sister set the precedent that kids don’t like kale or because she’s just never asked for it, I don’t know. But that changed the other day, and now she can’t get enough of the leafy greens.

Kale: Super Tasty and Super Nutritious

As a parent, I am more than happy to give this kid as much kale as she can fit into her belly. It’s one of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods she could possibly eat. Did you know that a cup of kale has more vitamin C than a whole orange and almost 7 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin K?

Personally, I like to cook kale in the same way I would cook good ol’ southern-style collard greens. It’s super tasty, and I find that it’s got a great texture that holds up when I cook it. It’s a really versatile vegetable, though, and there’s plenty of different ways to prepare it. And to be honest, I’ll eat all of it.

So, what’s the verdict? Is kale a one-way ticket to flavortown? Or are you not a fan of this leafy green?

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Kate Singer

Kate Singer is a regular contributor to Polling Pig and enjoys making trivia, polls and personality quizzes.

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