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I Drove Over 600 Miles to Pick Up a Table. Would You?

I recently drove 9 hours to pick up a coffee table.

Yes, you read that correctly. And after I drove those 9 hours, I had to turn around and drive 9 more to get back home.

The Unusual Vintage Coffee Table That I Fell in Love With

To be fair, it isn’t your average piece of furniture. This vintage coffee table, called the Grand Server, was made in the swingin’ 60s, and the top swivels open to reveal a hidden cocktail bar setup. Back in 1963, it was actually showcased at the World’s Fair in New York City as an example of modern furniture.

grand server cocktail bar coffee table
Sponge Curlers & Cupcakes

Its unusual boomerang shape and tapered legs fell out of favor for many years, but everything comes back around again, right?

As soon as I learned of this mid-century modern table, I knew I had to have it. However, I wasn’t having any luck with searches for this particular vintage piece nearby.

I found a few here and there online, but they were all pretty pricey (MCM, or mid-century modern, is very “in” these days), plus you have to factor in the cost of freight shipping. That’s when I found one too cheap to ignore, but it was listed as “pick-up only.”

When I say “too cheap to ignore,” I mean it. I did the math, and after factoring in the cost of a hotel, gas, food, and even renting a car for a couple of days, it was still cheaper than some of the others I found.

I Had to Buy It

My partner and I packed a bag and hit the road. And after two days of travel, we finally wheeled that rad coffee table into our living room.

While it sounds crazy, I 100% think it was worth it. We ended up with a unique table we love, and although though it cost us some time, it saved us a bunch of money.

What do you think? Was it crazy to travel so far to pick up a piece of furniture?

  • How Far Would You Travel to Pick Up a Piece of Furniture?

    • Local Only
    • A Few Hours Away
    • I’d Consider Traveling Several Hours for the Right Piece
    • No Distance is Too Far!

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