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Artificial Intelligence for Refrigerators: Practical or Pointless?

Samsung is hoping to add AI-powered image recognition to their smart refrigerators in an effort to help you find the perfect recipes for what it sees on the shelves inside.

But do we need it?

Whisk’s Food AI, a Smart Food Platform

Last year, the company acquired a startup called Whisk, which is a smart food platform. And this platform was just on exhibit at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Whisk’s Food AI was developed by software engineers and data scientists in collaboration with food data experts, grocery retailers, food scientists and nutritionalists. It promises to make cooking easier, in combination with the Samsung Family Hub, by helping you decide what to make for dinner based on what’s inside your fridge.

Users will need to save some of their favorite recipes, share any personal food preferences (dietary restrictions, dislikes, usual retailers) and put in their location. Along with that information, Food AI uses the ViewInside camera to look at the items inside the refrigerator and then give a curated feed of recipes that incorporate the ingredients.

Apparently, the original startup created Food AI with the goal of combating food waste and inspiring creativity.

“In the U.S., an average person wastes 238 pounds of food per year–that’s a staggering 21 percent of the food they buy,” says Nick Holzherr, Head of Product at Whisk, adding, “When coupled with the fact that people generally end up cooking the same 7-9 dishes on repeat, people are not being inspired to find creative solutions to use up leftover ingredients, wasting food, time, and money.”

According to Holzherr, this smart fridge will make the “cooking experience simpler and smarter.”

Finding Recipes Based on Ingredients Isn’t a New Concept

The ability to find recipes based on ingredients is not really anything new. A simple google search of “find recipe by ingredients” turns up all kinds of options.

On top of that, there’s Pinterest, sites run by big names like Food Network and about a million blogs and recipe sites out there.

So the question here is, do you think that Samsung and Whisk’s Food AI is a practical tool for home cooks? Or is this one of those frivolities that won’t stand the test of time?

  • Are Samsung’s AI-Powered Refrigerators the Way of the Future, or Just a Technological Frivolity That Won’t Last?

    • Practical way to help home cooks
    • Pointless use of technology that won’t last

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